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Notable Achievements:

She has received The President's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 for commitment to volunteer service. Led expansion efforts in Italy, Holland, Congo, Paris, Malaysia, and Tanzania, building intercessors and Global Prayer Homes globally in 2022-2023. She has also Co-founded "Birth Your Brilliance™," a coaching platform for those struggling with birthing dreams.


Kingdom Expansion Alliance (May 2023):

Cassandra Scott Ministries committed to training, equipping, and deploying God's Remnant worldwide for ministry and industry.


Our Leader

Affectionately known as (Pastor C)
Founder, Created2Produce | Senior Pastor, Turning Point Faith Ministries

Dedicated to restoring faith, families, finances, and futures. Gifted in teaching, preaching, pastoring, and evangelizing, with impactful engagements, bible studies, and mentoring.

Family & Personal Triumphs:
Dr. Scott overcame infertility challenges, now a mother of three Garelyn, Gabrielle and Gary II and grandmother of two Bailey and Blake, and son in love Attorney Baron Sauls. Passionate about helping couples through spiritual midwifery, hosting a yearly bootcamp for those seeking to 'Birth their Brilliance'.


Dr. Scott is an author who has published several books, including:
Created2Produce - Your Turning Point to Destiny, Created2Produce - The Workbook, A 40-Day Prayer Journal, There is a Blessing in the Cluster, The Nehemiah Anointing, The Secret Place and a children's book: Girls and Boys are Created2Produce.

Dr. Scott has earned her Doctorate, Masters, & Bachelors in Theology (Cornerstone University 2009). She additionally, holds a Doctor of Philosophy in
Human Capital Leadership and Change at
Elevation Life Transformation University
(ELTU) The University of Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change™
(ELTU Dec 2023)

Community & Economic Initiatives (20+ Years):

Founded Turning Point Faith Ministries in 2008, empowering in faith, families, finances, and futures.- Established Cassandra Scott Ministries - Created2Produce, a non-profit charitable organization focusing on compassion, outreach, and scholarships.- Global Prayer Homes organization, hosting annual Global Prayer Summits and Regional Prayer Summits worldwide.- Senior Sales Director & Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, mentoring over 200 independent business owners.

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