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Victoria Caldwell

Professional Profile

“A CAPTIVATED LOOK AT THE SOUND OF VICTORY: Discovering what victory looks like from within”

Before participating in Birth Your Brilliance, Victoria says that she was in search of answers inside. She felt unfulfilled and stagnated, but had a strong urge to do something. “I knew there were specific things God placed inside of me to accomplish. But some things seemed to be missed opportunities and others felt like I just did not know where to start or how to start doing those things and I didn’t have support.” After having moved 3 times in 3 years to 3 different states, Victoria felt she was alone and she felt sick inside to think that she had missed the opportunity to serve God in this capacity. After becoming a part of Birth Your Brilliance, she soon came to understand there were other men and women who felt the same way. “I thought I was miserable alone; I thought it was due to me neglecting what I knew God told me to do,” says Victoria. “But I learned what I was experiencing was really labor pains and what God entrusted me with was not aborted, or dead and it wasn’t too late. God entrusted me with beautiful midwives to nurture me and get me to my birthing point. He connected me with others who were impregnated with glorious things. I now have the confidence that I can birth all that God has placed within me to give birth to. I now know that I needed midwives to get me in position to give birth and I now know that nothing will be aborted but I will give birth and give birth and give birth to many things.

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