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Prophetess Patrica Jones

Professional Profile

Prophetess Patricia Jones, founder of Fresh Fire Anointing Ministries is a proud mother of two sons and grandmother of thirteen. She is a widow on the move for God, leading and operating several ministry initiatives, businesses, and community endeavors. A published author since 2020, Patricia has written several books: STRUGGLING INTO MY BLESSING: A STORM BEFORE THE CALM (2020) and LOOKING THROUGH THE DARK CLOUDS OF A SCORNED HEART (2021). She also wrote, directed, and produced her first play in 2021 entitled: COURTROOM OF HEAVEN: BRIDGING THE GAP – THE RESTRAINING ORDER HAS BEEN LIFTED. Patricia has endured through multiple seasons of personal challenge, grief and loss, and struggle after struggle to finally enter a season of breakthrough. She joined Birth Your Brilliance in 2021, putting her all into the program, completing every assignment, and incorporating what she learned into her daily aspirations. Part of Patricia’s next objective is to perfect the many talents and projects which she has been executing and sharpening her delivery skills as a servant of God and minister of the Gospel. Look for more amazing deliveries from Patricia as she continues to breakthrough to her God-given brilliance.

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