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Stephanie Daniels

Professional Profiles

Stephanie Daniels was born on June 13, 1989 in Atlanta, Ga. On the same day she was rushed to surgery to remove a one pound tumor from her newborn body which later would reveal that she may have been a twin. Her mother was ordered by doctors to have her examined every 6 months until the age of ten for cancer, but by the grace of God she was released to have a normal life at the age of five. It was also at the age of five that Stephanie became a born again believer giving her life to Christ at World Changers Ministries.

Stephanie graduated from Eagles Landing High School in 2007. At the age of 21 Stephanie enlisted into the United States Air Force working in Cyber Systems Operations spending two years at Ramstein Air Base in Ramstein, Germany, and two years at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was also in Colorado Springs that she gave birth to her first son.

After experiencing a medical discharge from the US Air Force, Stephanie relocated back to her home of record in Atlanta, Ga and enrolled at Georgia State University with the intentions of pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems. She later left Georgia State University enrolling at Colorado Technical University Online to pursue a BA in Cyber Security. In 2018 Stephanie became a first time home owner at the age of 28 and mother to her second son. Stephanie graduated from Coloraodo Technical University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security.

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