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Yolanda Perry

Professional Profile

Yolanda Perry is Director of Compassion and Crisis at a local non-profit organization in Chicago, Illinois, where she provides support for students and families in need of care. She also works to assist parents in a time of crisis and aims to remove emotional barriers. Author of two books, Save the Girls: Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise, and the accompanying Workbook, Yolanda shares her story about the journey she experienced with breast cancer. Her purpose in writing is to inspire, encourage, and educate women about breast cancer and provide an open forum to explore the reflective process towards healing and wholeness.

Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, IL, Yolanda attended Jones College Prep. She became a first generation college graduate and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University in 2013. In 2016, she earned her Master’s degree from Spertus Jewish Institute.

Prior to joining the local non-profit organization, Yolanda worked for Catholic Charities for 11 years where she served as a Doula Case Manager. In this role, she was non-medical labor support for teen mothers, where she led staff trainings and worked to improve department organization. In addition, Yolanda was also Secretary for Praise and Worship Tabernacle Outreach Ministry, a local church in Maywood, IL, for over 15 years. There she served as a minister, Sunday School teacher, Project Coordinator, and was actively involved in the women’s ministry. In 1999, Yolanda founded Freedom Begat Freedom, a non-profit organization supporting battered women and children in need.

Being a Mother of four and Grandmother of five, Yolanda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. It was her spiritual beliefs and family that anchored her during her healing. Relying heavily on her intimate relationship with Christ, and the loving support of family and friends, Yolanda used her praise and the reflective process to focus on healing and wholeness during her transformational experience. Her journey led to writing Save the Girls: Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise and subsequent Workbook.

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