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Pastor Evelyn Wilson

Professional Profile

Pastor of Earth Heavenly Word in Desoto, Texas, Pastor Evelyn Wilson is called by God to teach and preach the life changing Word of God. Pastor Evelyn is involved in a variety of ministry roles. She is a certified teacher for the School of Melchizedek. She is a member of Back to The Acts. Pastor Wilson’s love for people is observed through her devotion and dedication to humanitarian causes. She is Founder and Director of “Receiving Hearts Outreach Program”. She is the co-founder of Side by Side Ministries. Out of this ministry, “Prayer, Praise and Pajamas” was organized to reach the unsaved women and to offer them the only alternative-Jesus Christ.

She is currently continuing her studies at Abundant Life School of Ministry in Christian Counseling.
Pastor Wilson has conducted revivals, lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, teaching, preaching and speaking engagements within and out of the state of Texas.

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