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Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Simmons

Professional Profile

Birth Your Brilliance First Couple, Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Simmons of San Antonio, Texas are parents of five adult children. Mrs. Teressa Simmons is a 3rd year alum in Birth Your Brilliance, and in 2022, she joined with her husband. Former US Air Force career veteran and Senior Operations Controller for network operations over thirteen bases, Senior Controller Raphael Simmons and Teressa have been married for 36 years. When asked what is his dream, Controller Simmons shared that his dream, spiritually was to be more like Christ in love, compassion, and mercy. Then he wants to start a cybersecurity business or school, earning his Ph.D. in Cyber Security. His lovely wife, Teressa is a woman who is in love with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She serves God as the Director of Prayer at New Creation Christian Fellowship in Windcrest, Texas under the leadership of Bishop David M. Copeland and Pastor Claudette A. Copeland (Emerita). Teressa is an author published in 2019 as a first year student of Birth Your Brilliance; she is also a Global Prayer Home Leader, CSM Regional Director in Training, and a member of the tribe of Naphtali. Teressa is currently studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology and plans to graduate in the summer of 2023.

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