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Gloria Miller

Professional Profile

Born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, Gloria Miller moved to Dallas, Texas as a young adult to advance her career. After 23 years, she retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Gloria has two sons, one daughter, and nine grandchildren whom she loves and adores. In retirement, Gloria has been blessed to live an active life by caring for her father full-time, volunteering and serving in various ministries. Currently, she is a prayer intercessor and bible study teacher under the leadership of Dr. Winnetta Flakes (Senior Director, Tribe of Judah) in the International Prayer Line of Cassandra Scott Ministries, Houston, Texas. In addition, Gloria voluntarily serves her home church (The Oaks Church) in Red Oak, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Scott Wilson. Demonstrating the spirit of a true servant, when asked about her passion, Gloria says it is to continue to be a blessing serving others in need emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is her prayer that God continues to bless her to be blessing.

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