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Tera Alexander

Professional Profile

Native of Salem, New Jersey where she was born and raised, Tera Alexander is currently a resident of Pasadena, Texas. She is the wife of Calvin Alexander and mother to son, Tyrel. Tera is the owner and operator along with her husband in the process of launching Christ Centered Trucking, LLC . Christ Centered Trucking is a logistics and transportation company Tera and her husband plan to launch in 2022 that will transport goods all across the world. Tera has been employed with Communities In Schools of Baytown, Texas where she started out as the Data Coordinator and has obtained her certification as a Master Trainer. Her current role is Administrative Assistant II to the Executive Director. Tera received her college education from Goldey-Beacom College in Wilmington, Delaware where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Communications. Finishing what she has started by the Grace of God, Tera is birthing many projects.

She is the producer of her Podcast that will air weekly providing words of wisdom. In addition, she is the producer of “Do you see what I see?” that airs via Facebook Live on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. She is the founder of a Global Prayer Home Women’s Ministry Group called “Women Warriors” which focuses on the power of the “Word over your Weight!” With women all over the United States, this group meets weekly via Zoom and has grown from a women’s weight management group to a truly trusted sisterhood of love amongst women globally who support each other through life advances and circumstances. Tera shows a beautiful serving spirit of patience and encouragement in coaching women online through studying the Bible, demonstrating that once we lay aside the weight of things we carry in the Spirit, we can shed the physical weight. In addition, Tera lovingly and professionally trains others as clients on various virtual platforms such as: Zoom, Web-X, Streamyard, Anchor, and more. Many times, Tera provides the energy and effort needed behind the scenes to produce the finished work you see in distributing BYB communications and providing virtual assistance.

Since becoming a part of Birth Your Brilliance with Dr. Cassandra Scott and Dr. Merle Ray, Tera says that she has watched her life unfold one layer at a time. She is in the process of becoming a published author, writing a book inspired years ago during reading time with her young son, Tyrel, entitled IF YOU GIVE A KID A MICROPHONE. She is birthing not just one but multiple businesses, coaching groups, and projects both individually and with her beloved husband, Calvin. Since suffering the loss of her mother recently, Tera has used her grieving process as an opportunity to grow and mature from the inside out into a beautiful blossoming seed implanted by a loving mother.

Tera shares:

“People are waiting for me to fulfill God’s will and this is no time to give up and STOP! I now have FAITH from God in the woman I am becoming. Wow! This is me! And I never knew it all along.”

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