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Rose Allen-Outen

Professional Profile

Rose Allen-Outen is a native of a small town in South Carolina where she graduated #4 in her class and played basketball for 5 years, receiving a 4-year letter jacket. Rose attended the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia, South Carolina, and joined the Army in the delayed entry program in 1987. She went to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina on September 1, 1987 and went to Fort Sam Houston, Texas to train as a Combat Medic for Military Occupational Skill. She was stationed and lived in seven different places while in the U.S. Army. Rose is a certified Deaconess at New Creation Christian Fellowship Church. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management and a Master’s degree as an Instructional System Specialist. Rose currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where she married and raised her beautiful daughter.

Before Birth Your Brilliance, Rose Allen-Outen says she felt stuck and stale from everyday life. She stated that she was looking around saying to herself, “Why aren’t I moving more swiftly?” She would get to a level and couldn’t get beyond that. She didn’t have enough time, energy or day to go to the next level and finish a project. Now through guidance and mentoring, Rose reports that God has given her a reboot and a recharge. Instead of thinking and waiting, Rose says, “God has said, “Just do it; put action behind My Word and go. Don’t over think it; just do it.”

Having successfully completed all of her assigned coaching and mentoring exercises, Rose is a graduate of the 2021-2022 Birth Your Brilliance Distinguished Inductees.

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